A Pisces Princess 18cmx24cm Original Board

Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £199.00.

Awaken your space with this stunning piece of zodiac art: A Pisces Princess.

– 18cm x 24cm mini canvas board.
– Zodiac: Pisces (The oldest Zodiac).
– Special feature: GEMS and glitter.
– Coated with a primer to ensure longevity & protection.
– One of one unique piece.
– Signed by Artist.

Your art work will arrive without any damages, as it will be safely & securely packed, all the way from sunny Thailand.

Even though I am not a huge believer of zodiac signs, this painting is very close to me as I fall under the pisces star sign. I can connect to some features, such as: creative, artsy, empathetic, emotional, deep, and much more.

Every time I look at this piece, I enjoy the reminder of the beautiful traits related to a Piscean. It reminds me to stay creative in various forms, knowing that creativity lives in all of us regardless of your zodiac.

I’d love for you to have an element of creativity and compassion in your space through this dreamy piece of art.