Angry Zebra 30x40cm Original Canvas

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Angry Zebra looks angry/unbothered, but he isn’t actually angry. Just misunderstood. Only a few people can connect with his zen aura. Are you the one who can connect?

He is looking for a home where he can be appreciated.

– 30cmx40cm stretched canvas
– Golden metallic background colour (See pictures with and without flash)
– Acrylic paint medium
– Coated with a primer for protection and longevity
– Signed by Artist (me)

Angry Zebra also comes in prints with a frame. See “Shop art” section.

Your art work will arrive without any damages as it will be safely & securely packed.

I love the free spiritedness of Zebra’s; even though they are friendly, they cannot not be tamed. I like the fact that people connected differently to this piece when I’ve shown them. Some say Angry Zebra looks high, unbothered, in his zone. Others say Zebra looks curious.
When I was painting his eyes, I had feelings of anger, so I channeled my emotions through the eyes. Nonetheless, I felt a lot calmer after.

Zebra facts that made me go, Ooo:
– To the human eye, in the setting of a safari, they stand out. But from the perspectives of other animals, it’s quite the contrary.
– Zebra’s have unique stripes, much like human finger prints. Much like this painting as it is a one of one 🙂

I’d love for you to have this element of free spiritedness in your home.