Chameleon 30cmx40cm Original Canvas

Original price was: £750.00.Current price is: £559.00.

Brighten up your space with this detailed, colourful chameleon.

– 30cmx40cm stretched canvas
– Acrylic paint medium
– Special feature: Steaks of glitter in the background to enhance the 3D effect (See pictures with and without flash)
– Coated with a primer to ensure protection and longevity
– One of one unique piece.
– Signed by Artist (me)

Your art work will arrive without any damages as it will be safely & securely packed.

For years I’ve called myself a chameleon, metaphorically speaking of course. I change, grow, adapt & explore, much like a chameleon; I have many colours. For me, these colours represent my talents, my uniqueness, the ability to adapt according to my surroundings, yet always remaining true to myself, my beliefs and values.

Even though this detailed piece took me hours upon hours to complete and painting repetitive patterns, my aura felt at a zen state throughout the whole process. Perhaps because this piece is so special to me.

This compelling piece sat with me, in the comfort of my home for a few months, but now I’m finally freeing it from my space into someone else’s to appreciate.

Every time I look at this piece, I enjoy the gentle reminder of how we have the power to evolve, adapt & change as humans. As the saying goes, “with change comes growth”.

I’d love for you to have this element of courage & growth & in your home.