Catching Dreams 30cmx40cm Original Canvas

Original price was: £499.00.Current price is: £289.00.

Inject a burst of colour into your space with this colourful dream catcher art.

– Original art, one of one piece
– 30cm x 40 cm on stretched canvas
– Acrylic paint medium
– Metallic colours and, gems attached
– Coated with a primer for protection and longevity
– Signed by artist (me)

– Once you make your order, I will ship your art, straight from my art space in Thailand.
– Your art work will arrive without any damages as it will be safely and securely packaged.

I love what dream catchers symbolise. They were given birth by the American Indian culture and symbolise catching bad dreams. I honestly love the way they look, I love the American Indian fashion they carry. I love the different variations of dream catchers, whether they be simple, mono toned, earthy toned, colourful, many feathers, beads and so on. I wanted to paint a colourful dream catcher as I feel like I have a very colourful personality with different elements, much like a dream catcher, so wanted it to reflect in this painting.

I’d love for you to have this element of this vibrancy in your home.